$5,000 Total Available To 2020 Graduating Seniors
The Deadline to Apply Is December 1st, 2019

Winners will be announced at the Scholarship Programs in the Spring of 2020 at each of the Martin County Public Schools
(if applicble winner(s)). 

SCOLARSHIP SPONSOR: Jack Sobel/Donaldson & Weston - Martin County Bar Association
APPLY TO: Guidance Office 
CRITERIA: 2020 Graduating High School Senior; minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA. Standard School Application and a 1,000-2,500 word essay complying with the following:


In response to the forced closing of its temple in Higdonville, Florida, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, (ISKCON), applies for a permit to hold a protest march through the town’s downtown commercial district.

At first, the Sheriff’s office denies the permit, openly mocking the Krishnas, but decides to grant the permit since he believes it will be small and entertaining to the town residents. The sheriff assigns only a few officers to provide police protection. However, after the event is publicized on social media, a large and enthusiastic group of counterdemonstrators comes to town. During the march, long-haired Bobby Smith is on his way to Starbucks, located downtown. As he is walking, a group of rowdy white Supremacists hears him singing softly to himself and mistakes it for a Hare Krishna chant. They attack him and beat him severely. He sues the Higdonville sheriff’s office, accusing it of failing to provide adequate police protection at the Hare Krishna’s demonstration due to religious prejudice. 

The sheriff seeks dismissal of Smith’s lawsuit, arguing that Bobby Smith was not a member of the Hare Krishna group and therefore lacks legal standing to rely on any alleged violation of  that group’s equal protection rights.

Who should prevail and why?

Deadline (below prompt) change to December 1, 2019

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 772-220-8018

*Consideration will be given only to qualified applicants; the MCBA reserves the right to fulfill all or only some of the categories.