MCBA Jury Assembly Project

Richard Levenstein

The MCBA Jury Assembly Project is a 13 minute video presentation on the importance of a fair, impartial and independent judiciary and the role of the separation of powers in our government. It is designed to be a refresher course in civics for individuals about to enter the jury selection process, thereby becoming part of the judicial branch of the government just highlighted in the video.

Judge Roby and I and other members of the MCBA have been working on this project for the last 3 years, which we started when I was president of the MCBA. We also received a grant from the Florida Bar Foundation to offset the costs of producing the video. The video will be given to the Chief Judges of each circuit throughout the state, and will therefore be played for literally hundreds of thousands of citizens of Florida every year!





A closed-captioned version of this video is available free of charge upon request. 
Please provide your name and mailing information to Sharon Bartlett
at to request your copy.

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