Florida Free Legal Answers Program

Did you know that The Florida Bar provides free virtual legal information through its cooperative effort with the American Bar Association to low-income Floridians via the Florida Free Legal Answers program?  

Members of the public can go to https://florida.freelegalanswers.org to sign up and answer a few questions to see if they qualify to use the service (household income below 250 percent of federal poverty guidelines; have less than $10,000 in total assets; be at least 18 years old; and not be incarcerated).  After registering, they may ask a specific question about noncriminal legal issues.  The information users provide is confidential, and the answers are not associated with the user’s name. Lawyers will see only the information associated with a user’s legal issue.  Users will not know the name of the lawyers who answer their questions unless the lawyers choose to provide it, a user makes a specific request for the name of the lawyer or it is required by a court of law.  

More than a third of the 2,200 questions since its launch last year have related to family matters such as divorce, child support, adoption and name change. Another 16 percent were connected to housing or landlord/tenant issues. Other legal issues include domestic violence, bankruptcy, consumer issues, education, employment, workers’ compensation, wills and estate planning. Note that Florida Free Legal Answers does not answer questions on criminal law.  Florida lawyers may enroll to join the effort by visiting https://florida.freelegalanswers.org, clicking on “Volunteer Attorney Registration” and agreeing to the attorney agreement. 

For more information, visit: https://florida.freelegalanswers.org.