$5,000 Total Available To 2019 Graduating Seniors
The Deadline to Apply Is December 1st, 2018

Winners will be announced at the Scholarship Programs in the Spring of 2019 at each of the Martin County Public Schools (if applicble winner(s)). 

SCOLARSHIP SPONSOR: Jack Sobel/Donaldson & Weston - Martin County Bar Association
APPLY TO: Guidance Office 
CRITERIA: 2019 Graduating High School Senior; minimum 3.0 unweighted GPA. Standard School Application and a 1,000-2,500 word essay complying with the following:

In the wee hours of a wild and crazy, booze-filled night in Las Vegas, Kim Kardashian, the first female self-made billionaire, marries her body guard, Malo Fortunato. He promptly takes one of her Ferraris out for a high-speed celebratory spin down the Vegas strip only to crash it head-on into a cement light pole. He suffers severe injuries requiring multiple surgeries but has no insurance and no money of his own to pay the hospital bills, which exceed $1 million. The hospital sues Kim Kardashian for those bills, claiming she is responsible for her husband’s “necessities,” which includes his medical care.

Ms. Kardashian’s lawyers deny she has any liability for her new husband’s bills, pointing to language in Section 10 of Chapter 708, Florida Statutes, entitled The Married Women’s Property Act, which provides: “This law shall not be construed as (1) Relieving a husband from any duty of supporting and maintaining his wife and children.” Ms. Kardashian’s lawyers argue that since no such law exists imposing a similar duty on a wife to support or maintain her husband, the hospital’s lawsuit should be dismissed. The hospital’s lawyers argue that such a distinction would be discriminatory against husbands and that liability for “necessities” should be imposed equally on either spouse, regardless of gender.  Which side should prevail and why?

Scholarships will be given to the most qualified candidate(s) regardless of school of graduation, financial need or career aspirations; funds will be paid for fees associated with college attendance and paid directly to the institution.

AWARDS: $4,000 for one student, $500 each for two students.* One-time award to be collected by June 30, 2020.
DEADLINE: December 1, 2018
FORM: Standard School Application accompanied by a 1,000 to 2,500 word essay as noted above. 
REGION: Martin County (eligible to public, private, parochial and home-schooled graduating seniors)
For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 772-220-8018

*Consideration will be given only to qualified applicants; the MCBA reserves the right to fulfill all or only some of the categories.